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    We're always on the lookout for new projects to feature on this website. Find out how to submit your project for review! DETAILS
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    Submit your project
    We would like to invite you to submit a project you have designed for a chance to be included in our Featured Projects section. Please fill out the entire form below, or contact us with questions or assistance.
    Step 1. Project Information 
    * Project Title
    * Brief Project Description

    Step 2. Submission Information
    * Designer/architect(s)
    * Design Firm
    * Address
    * City
    * State
    * Zipcode
    * Phone
    * Email Address

    Step 3. Submitting Your Project
    Your project should be in the form of a wordprocessing document, multimedia presentation, web site, or CD-ROM. E-mailed files may not exceed 1 mb.

    If your project is ready to submit you may do one of the following (please choose one of the options):

    Send it to us as an email attachment with .jpg images to
    Send a CD-ROM to the address below
    Tell us the URL of the web site where it may be found
      URL: http://

    Submissions may take a few seconds to process.

    We will be in touch with you if we have questions about your project.

    For further information or assistance in completing this form contact:

    Totem Contract
    71 Franklin Street
    New York, NY 10013
    Tel: 212.925.5506
    Email: projects@totemcontract com
    Fax: 212 925.5082


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