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Easy Dutch
April, 2001

From Rotterdam comes another excuse for grown-ups to make shopping a family affair. Scented with the memories of toys that adulthood made you forget, the objects of mno allow design lovers to indulge their tastes while satisfying the need of their real and inner child. This is a world where couches double as smurfs' living quarters, chairs are the clouds of early daydreams and kitchen utensils are spaceships ready to depart. Here, adolescence is when children start bringing up their parents.

Opening night / More on Easy Dutch

Douglas Coupland : SPIKE
September, 2001

Douglas Coupland, author of GENERATION X, presented his first New York art show entitled SPIKE at Totem Gallery. Spike is the first full-sized sculpture installation Douglas Coupland has done since 1986. Why sculpture instead of words? He is asked that all the time. The best answer that I can think of is that sculpture is a frozen 3D snapshot of the world as seen through an emotional and critical lens. Sculpture uses a different part of the brain or a different part of the soulé the self.

Opening night / More on Douglas Coupland

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