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Tosca: Dehli 9

A sublime collection of music, the new CD by Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber is full of uptempo beats with a downtempo feeling, grooves in soft satin, spliff tunes with lyrical extravagance, and piano-pieces in a dub style. There’s musical diversity galore on Dehli 9 : CD 1 contains the classical Tosca sound infused with lush instrumentation, and CD2 (the bonus CD) features twelve dubwise piano compositions.

For Dehli 9, Dorfmeister and Huber recaptured the spontaneity of their earliest collaborations. Their direct but freeform approach is quiet obvious. The sounds are drawn less from well-sorted sample banks or refined VST plug-ins, but from a range of live instruments that Richard and Rupert played during the two-year long sessions. After recording, the music was arranged on the computer, leaving room for some formidable vocal contributions. Anna Clementi, who also sung on the Tosca album Suzuki, lends her voice to "Oscar", "Me And Yoko Ono" and "Rolf Royce". The polymorphic hipster Earl Zinger, a.k.a. Rob Gallagher from London, sings on "Wonderful". "Gute Laune" is sung by MC Tweed of Birmingham’s Different Drummer Sound System, "Every Day Every Night" is hushed by Viennese super MC Sugar B. and "Rolf Royce" features a contribution from the legendary Viennese New Wave vocalist Graf Hadik.


1. Oscar (feat. Anna Clementi)
2. Me & Yoko Ono (feat. Anna Clementi)
3. Gute Laune (feat. Tweed)
4. Mango di Bango
5. Wonderful (feat. Earl Zinger)
6. Every Day & Every Night (feat. Sugar B.)
7. Dave Dudley
8. Rolf Royce (feat. Graf Hadik)
9. Sperl
10. La Vendeuse des Chaussures des Femmes Part 1

Session 1 "D-Moll"
Session 2 "Einschlaf"
Session 3 "Wien in E"
Session 4 "Schwimmer"
Session 5 "1504/7"
Session 6 "Slow Hell"
Session 7 "Song”
Session 8 "Romanze in Es"
Session 9 "Fluß"
Session 10 "Ping"
Session 11 "2504/1"
Session 12 "Piano 1”

Copyright © 2008 David Shearer   
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