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2003 Norway Says Christiana Vodka, Royal Norweigan Consulate General
2002 Double Dutch Abitare, Alinea, Heineken, Opera, Philips, Mondriaan Foundation, General Consulate of the Netherlands in New York, Motorola
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2001 Swede Sensation
Bombay Sapphire
2001 Design RAW Bombay Sapphire
2001 Futurism
Neincamper, Umbra, Nambe, Ritzenhoff, Leonardo, Pure, Zeritalia, Kovacs, Elite, Directional, Bombay Sapphire
2001 Easy Dutch Mondriaan Foundation, General Consulate of the Netherlands in New York, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Bombay Sapphire
2001 Tag New York Edra, Magis, Diesel magazine
2001 TAG *surface magazine, Bombay Sapphire
2000 New American Landscapes
Bombay Sapphire
2000 Dutch Design R20th Century Design
2000 G7 2000 *surface magazine, Bombay Sapphire
1999 G7 1999 *surface magazine, Bombay Sapphire
1999 Funktion CityNY magazine

With its original StarTAC, Motorola established itself at the forefront of cell phone design. The compact, innovative, flip-to-open phone revolutionized the industry and inspired generations of improvements and imitations. Now, with its new V70, Motorola is trying hard to regain its status as the design leader. Once again, it's introduced a new way to open a phone, but this time, instead of flipping it open, Motorola's entirely re-thought the ergonomics and introduced a phone that you swivel open to talk. more

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Totem is pleased to feature the launch of partner Bombay Sapphire's new website, The site, constructed to spotlight up-and-coming global designers, showcases industry leaders as well as newcomers. After entering the site, martini lovers can learn more about Bombay Sapphire by navigating the product section, and design enthusiasts can explore Bombay Sapphire's design section, which looks at important people, pieces, places, and publications in design. An editorial look at design's avant garde is also included, and this month features TOTEM founder, David Shearer. Bombay Sapphire's famous advertising campaign, featuring designer martini glasses by legends like Karim Rashid, Dakota Jackson, and Judith Leiber are also featured on so raise a martini glass and toast this delectable new website, featuring the global design of tomorrow.
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