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September, 2002

Totem, New York's leading venue for new emerging designers and artists with a focus on the blur that exists between art and design presents an exhibition of digital paintings by Megan Lang from Friday September 20, 2002 - October 10, 2002

The artist's oeuvre consists of paintings digitally rendered on the computer using a combination of drawing, painting, and photography software and then output on an inkjet plotter. The works are 42" x 65" and will be mounted and framed. Each painting is one of a kind and will be a signed artist's proof. No editions will be printed.

This series of paintings is an exploration of the computerized brushstroke. The strokes snake their way through the compositions - breaking up space and pulling the eye in and out of the depths of the picture plane. The line quality ranges from being as buoyant and transparent as balloon animals to being as perplexing as a tangle of twisted wires and data cables. The color choices evoke the dull grays and blues of computer screens, brilliant techno hues, and tranquil pastels. All coexist within the compositions to create complex spatial structures that seek to investigate depth, fluidity, expression, rhythm, and symmetry. The goal of the series is to produce works that address the possibilities allowed by the digital existence, while staying true to painting as an art form.

Curriculum Vitae:
Megan Lang was born in 1972 and lives and works in New York City. She holds a BFA, 1994 from the Rhode Island School of Design. Lang has been published in Metropolitan Home, Nylon, Arena, German Elle and recently concluded a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Megan Lang's work has been exhibited in Providence, RI, Tokyo Japan, and in New York. This is her first solo exhibition at Totem.

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