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Wednesday, November 7 - Thursday, December 6, 2001


Totem Design, one of the country's primary showcases for the dialogue of contemporary design and art, is comprised of Totem Magazine, www., and Totem Gallery, featuring a stable of emerging and established designers and artists working in many mediums. Totem Gallery addresses the faltering dichotomy between art and design.

We want people to know that designers in New York are alive and kicking and that one of the best ways to move forward is to support our community by creating a venue to show work by local designers. This exhibition will include works by BDDW, Biproduct, Pierre Bouguennec, Miguel Calvo, Chris Ferreby, 521 Design, Robert Kirkbride, Monica Missio, Thom Ortiz, R+D Design, Andrea Ruggiero, Ali Tayar, Harry Allen, among others.

This special event is aimed at honoring and catalyzing the New York design community. Despite the effect that the recent events have had on lower Manhattan, Totem is committed to making sure that our community continues to thrive and be the vibrant epicenter of design that it had become. We are not alone - our neighbors feel the same and everyone has come together with the common goal of not letting the events on September 11th get the best of us. We are New Yorkers after all and resilient to the core.
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