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Totem Design, New York's leading institution comprised of DSGN Magazine,, and Totem Gallery, is pleased to announce the release of several new furniture designs by young, up and coming Scandinavian architects. These new products advance Totem's mission to spread the appeal of contemporary design through education and be making the work of promising young designers and architects available and affordable.

Design connoisseurs have long appreciated the influence of the Scandinavian sensibility on modern design. Aalvar Alto, Eero Saarinen, and Arne Jacobsen were seminal forces in the development of twentieth century style. However, over the past few years, the Scandinavian presence has reached a new peak, widening to a broader, popular audience. Totem Design catalyzed this movement, offering lines from Scandinavian design firms like CBI, Box Mobler, Asplund, and David Design, for the past four years. Totem now continues its contribution to the advance of Scandinavian design by bringing the work of three new designers: Martin Claesson, Eero Koivisto, and Ola Rune to the American Market.

Totem Design offers the Hockney Sofa System designed by Eero Koivisto for Malmo-Based David Design, a Swedish company that sells simple, direct and subtle design for everyday use. Encompassing a complete array of components- including a novel day-bed unit called the "chill out section" - the Hockney brings new versitality to modular furniture. The Hockney's flexibility allows it to accomidate any room, to be exactly tailored to the needs of its intended space. Covered with multi-density polyurethane, it comes in a "soft" version using foam cushion with fiberfil for use at home, and a "medium" version with hand-plated spring core cushion for contract use. The tables have tops of medium density fiberboard lacquered in either white or anthracite, with a matte lacquer finish. The Hockney System is available in over 40 colors and fabrics.

The serene sensibility of Skandanavian furniture, lamps in clear colors, utensils of simple elegance, is further articulated with two new designs by Claesson, Koivisto, and Rune: Dripp and Dropp, and armchair and easychair that not only make an excellent aesthetic, but a complimentary pair as well. Dripp is a sleek and comfortable upholstered chair that comes with or without armrests and is available in a wide range of refreshing colors that will lighten up any office space. Dropp - Dripp's senior partner - is an equally striking easy chair. Dropp brings the plushness of Dripp to the livingroom: its cradling for invites you to sit down for a rest even if you don't need one. Dripp and Dropp are mainstays of the Skandiform line Totem's offering will mark their introduction to America.

Totem will be featuring Koivisto, Claesson, and Rune and the Stockholm New York Exhibition this May in New York. Stockholm New York is a presentation of trends in contemporary Swedish design. Totem's participation will be sponsored by Bombay Sapphire.

Since establishing their architectural firm in 1993, Claesson, Koivisto, and Rune have received numerous commissions to design furniture and other products for several Scandinavian manufacturers. They have received many awards for interior and individual designs including a Grand Prix Formex Award for best exhibition design in all catagories at the Formex Design Fair in 1998. Trandscending typical minimalism, the trio works in what the call "essentialism" - that is, refining what is significant in any one form, one room, or one architecture. "I can understand if people people feel vulnerable in bare-bones environments," says Koivisto, "but this is the only sensible way and the only thing that actually works! Because it's really a matter of function. Function and freedom."

Since opening its flagship store in October 1997, Totem has been the recipient of many awards, including "Best New Product" at the New York International Gift Fair's Accent on Design in February, 1998 " Best Furniture Design" at the ICFF in May, 1998 and New York magazine's "Best Contemporary Furniture" award for 1998.

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