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Greenhouse was started in 2003 as a forum enabling independent designers to meet producers in the furnishing industry. Greenhouse aims to act as a springboard into reality for creative talents and a platform for exchanging ideas and new trends. An exhibition entitled 'The Greenhouse Effect' is being held to celebrate the fifth anniversary. One of the standouts was Wis Design ( above.

Architects' firm TAF Arkitektkontor, run by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom (Mattias is everywhere... from Greenhouse to Zero to the Underground exhibition), is behind the structure of Greenhouse and the exhibition. They will be working with themes such as multiplication, diversity and standard materials. In the middle of Victoria Hall there will be an asymmetric staircase, which spreads out and also serves as an exhibition area and a bar with seating. There will also be 'boulders' covered with mats in various shades of grey.


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