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Article: Loft Cube
The compact portable house for modern nomads.
Designed by Werner Aisslinger

It seems like a spaceship on top of a building. These mobile living units, placed on flat roofs by helicopters or cranes and connected to the building's utilities, offer additional living space in big cities. Utopian loftcube living envisages self-contained rooftop communities, a new way of life with a view and privacy, tranquillity and freedom compared to the condensed living spaces and speeded-up everyday metropolitan existence.

The house, devised by the German designer Werner Aisslinger, is extraordinarily compact: The loft cube is made up of an open-space where living, dining and cooking takes place, it has a separated sleeping area and a bath. True luxury is incorporated when a swimming pool is installed in the roof, complete with landscaped terrace where you feel transported away to another world in the middle of the urban metropolis. You have nothing but views of open skies and a personal world that offers respite from the hectic and stressful world below. Inspired by such projects as the Futuro House, a UFO shaped dwelling designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1968, initially for use as a ski-cabin or holiday home. The idea behind the design reflects the optimism of the sixties. At the time people believed technology could solve all problems for the human race. The ideal was of a new era, a space-age, where everybody would have more leisure time to spend on holidays away from home. Like the Loft Cube of today it was so lightweight, it was easily transportable by helicopter.

Other ideas that address such elements as pre-fab construction and even travel trailers have been used in housing for a number of years but today are extremely relevant considering the mobile lifestyles we live. It is not inconceivable that world travelers might have houses in several locations around the world that become personal habitats, offering a much more considerate approach than the ubiquitius hotel room. Individuals who often travel for extended periods of time could simply bring the house with them. The concept of "home is where you are" can now become a reality.

The cost of the Loft Cube is about $140,000 not including the transportation or furniture and extras like a swimming pool. Mobile living is now a true reality for the future. People can now take their moveable home with them, to wherever they want, and live like modern nomads.

Copyright © 2008 David Shearer   
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