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Accent on Design, August, 2001
Totem Design Group introduces new designs from Karim Rashid, Fuse Project, No Time, MNO, Kabalab, David Design, and new items from Totem.
Salone del Mobile, April, 2001
The design world descended on Milan to scour the hundreds of exhibitions held under the umbrella of the annual Salone del Mobile, or the Milan Furniture Fair, the primary international showcase for furniture and product design. It's the place where cool designers make or break their names and where the hot products filling the design magazines in the coming year are seen for the first time.
Morimoto Restaurant: designed by Karim Rashid
The Morimoto Restaurant, just a three-minute trot from the Liberty Bell, opened on Nov 13, 2001, in Philadelphia. The restaurant has 140 seats and 6 Sushi Chefs along with the rest of the kitchen complement. Pumped up for battle, Morimoto is ready for this new Challenge.
Verner Panton at R 20th Century, October. 2001
Check out the latest at R 20th Century, just down the block from our showroom at 71 Franklin. Verner Panton was one of the most forward thinking designers of our time.
Tokyo Designers Block
2001's exhibition featured some of the most influential designers and manufacturers across the world.
Workspaces Competition Workspaces Competition, March 2001
Work in the new economy - what's left of it - has taken on curious connotations. Everything from a conversation to a quick note via email can be considered work. we now look at our lives as a blur of work and liesure - would you ever consider not downloading Napster on your office computer? As our culture has changed so have our work habits- we now work anywhere and everywhere - from our cars, on a plane, at home on the sofa - almost anywhere but the office.
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