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 The Home Show: Walker Art Center
June 4 - August 20 2000

" The home show examines the intersection of domestic and contemporary life. Presented in four parts, the exhibition opens with two innovative Walker projects from the 1940s: a partial recreation of Idea House II and an update of the Everyday Art Gallery, which surveys the uses of plastics in today's household products, new design from Skandinavia, and inventive functional ceramics.

The Un-Private House, organized by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, presents 26 international home design projects that reflect the influence of changing technologies, social phenomena, and space requirements.

In the Architectural Studio within the galleries, architecture students and faculty from the University of Minnesota investigate domestic design issues that affect local neighborhoods.

Finally, a presentation of work by Mark Bennett explores the ways the media shapes our notions of the "ideal" through the artist's detailed blueprints and fictional residences from TV programs such as Leave It to Beaver, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Brady Bunch, and many others.

check out the walker art center online text used from The Home Show brochure
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