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Casa Kids

Roberto Gil's CASA KIDS Collection: Real Furniture Designed for Children

The Harvard-educated architect is an experienced designer with an understanding of what children can use and want. He has devised a wonderfully flexible, modular system that will remain functional as our children grow and learn. Kids get and use computers quite early these days and they can now have furniture specifically designed for their scaled-down activities; They can be comfortable, safe, and feel very special indeed with these colorful, clever units. And as they grow, their favorite computer desk, bookcase or cabinet can be raised, stacked, combined, widened. and even put on wheels!

"Furniture design should encourage children to play and share, and to appreciate beautiful objects. Kids have a capacity for abstraction and they can experience and enjoy beauty and style quite as much as we do, in their own way. "

All Gil designs feature cool colors with natural woods and plastic surfaces, instant and hassle-free assembly, and great fun. Furniture to feed their imagination. text from
Casa Kids
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