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Bozart is a design, development, manufacturing and distribution company founded in 1996 to provide actively exhibiting museum quality artists the opportunity to design affordable children and “kidult” products. All Bozart designs have authorship. Larry Mangel, the company founder and president, was a former gallery director with a fairly aggressive exhibition schedule. The gallery program included the artists Donald Judd, Richard Serra, Andy Warhol, John Chamberlain, and Sol Lewitt to name a few. Larry became frustrated with the gallery system in the 90's and was looking for an alternate vehicle to "distribute" noteworthy concepts. In 1995, he visited the NY Toyfair with his wife who was buying for a specialty retail toy chain and was disappointed at the lack of interesting design being exhibited. Larry was coming to the realization that design, architecture, and video have a much better chance of being viewed by a larger audience than the work in the exhibitions that he was organizing.
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