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In 1986 PALLUCCO was born and it stands out because of its considerable innovative tendency towards products : audacious design, use of particular materials such as steel and metals, monochromy. Until 1990 PALLUCCO has carried out a product-oriented strategy, translated in audacious changes in designing pieces of furniture, great attention to the communication and care in the company image, showed through an accurate organization of the catalogues, the meetings and the hallmark of PALLUCCO products. Since 1990 PALLUCCO has become PALLUCCO ITALIA. The panorama of the 90's was very different from the one of the previous decade: tradition and research, which always labelled the choices of the company, blended with a market-oriented strategy, attentive to the production-distribution-consumption ratio. The company keeps on having a strong design personality , but more aimed to satisfy quality and receivable costumers. Semplicity, rigour, elegance, together with a little irony became the headline of PALLUCCO ITALIA philosophy.
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