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Fransje Killaars

Check out Easy Dutch

Fransje Killaars deploys a play of colors and structures using brightly colored textiles, threads, carpets and cushions, which give her installations a simultaneous sensorial and spatial effect. Said Winston Churchill, the English war-time premier: "I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns." Killaars would have made him happier than rum on the rocks.

According to Sven Lutticken, Killaars belongs to a "generation of women artists who no longer fear that woven carpets or rugs will be categorized as 'inferior women's art' and who therefore no longer needs to use textiles polemically." In her textile works, Killaars has developed a sort of "expanded painting" in which, more than any other artist, she exploits the possibilities offered by textiles for producing richly colored works.

Inspired by modern art and architecture as well as textile folk arts and classical music, the most important inspiration for her work is something that most of us can relate to: daylight. "It gives everything color."

The double-woven bed-spreads in her "Easy Dutch" installation underline this. They all have a simple grid composition, which serve as the framework for a sophisticated play of colors. Some times Killaars uses complimentary colors - a bright pink grid filled with green squares - that can make you dizzy; other rugs, such as one with a black grid filled with rows of lilac and yellow squares, are less dazzling.
Fransje Kilaars
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