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Chris Habib

Chris Habib believes that the future of design began with the automatic expressive processes derived by Jean Arp, et. al and trusts that the computer, as a tool of translation, now allows for these processes to collide with the rigid refinement of symmetric geometries at break-neck speeds. His perpetually launching line of custom manufactured wool rugs is a testament to this theory. The line includes a series of modular rugs which utilize the environment in which they exist as a design element via intentional negative space between components. The graphics embedded in the construction of the modular and non-modular rugs are derived of the technorganic composition of softened geometry and harmonic color.

He is now applying these same theories to web design, typeface design, animation, quilting, publishing and furniture design and is in the process of investigating all of the means of physical prototyping necessary to bring tangible form to his digital visions. 
Chris Habib
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